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Should You Get A Balayage?

If you want to change up your hairstyle and don't want to commit to an all-over color but don't want chunky or random highlights, then a balayage can be the solution for you. Visit your hairstylist to see if a balayage can be the right hairstyle choice for you.

What is a balayage? 

You've likely heard of a balayage before. It's a common type of hairstyle and color that lots of people prefer over traditional highlights. A balayage is a more fluid or blended style of highlights where individual highlights are brushed onto the hair in individual sections until the entire head of hair has been treated. The results are highlights that are so blended the hair appears to be one solid color with some lighter or complementary colors woven in throughout the hair.

Why choose a balayage?

Why choose a balayage over other styles of hair color? A balayage, for starters, is one of the easiest hair color treatments to take care of and maintain. Since the color is literally painted on the head of hair in a random order, it's easy to touch up this type of hairstyle because there is no set pattern to follow. Your balayage hairstyle professional can simply repeat the process on your hair in random areas and if they treat hair that's already been colored, it won't affect the style.

A balayage can also be easier to grow out since the color resembles naturally sun-streaked or lightened hair. If you're worried about roots, your hair stylist can touch them up when they do a balayage treatment so you can keep your color for as long as you wish.

A balayage also looks great on a variety of hair types, colors, and even lengths. If you have very long hair or very short hair, a balayage is going to add dimension, color, shine, and allure. While a balayage may appear to be an easy process, it's one that should only be done professionally. Have your professional balayage hairstyle specialist do your cut and color for you so you get the best results.

If you chemically treat your hair by getting perms or straightening treatments, let your hair stylist know before getting a balayage. Chemically-treated hair may have to wait a while before being colored for the best results. Your hair stylist will show you different highlight colors and styles that can work best for your needs, although a balayage may be best.