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The Benefits Of Using Frankincense Bar Soap

When browsing the selection at any store that sells handmade bar soaps, you might come across some bars that are infused with frankincense. This is the resin of a specific type of tree. It has been used for both aromatherapy and herbal medicine for many years, and it has all sorts of different benefits. Incorporating it into soap is just one more way of harnessing its power. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect when you begin using frankincense bar soap.

Smoother Skin

Whether you have a few blemishes, a few red patches, or even full-blown eczema, you can expect frankincense soap to help ease these skin symptoms. Frankincense is known for helping to relieve inflammation. And most of these skin conditions are caused, at least in part, by inflammation. Some people notice an improvement in their skin after using the frankincense soap just once, and others find that the effects build over time.

Relief From Joint Pain

Do you have joint pain due to an old injury or arthritis? Frankincense soap is not a substitute for any medications your doctor may have prescribed, but it can be a helpful addition to your routine. It can help ease some of the residual pain and stiffness that are still around after you use your other treatments. Again, this is due to the anti-inflammatory effects of frankincense. By bringing down the inflammation in your joints, it can also help bring down the pain.

Easier Breathing

If you ever feel a little stuffy or congested, then bathing with frankincense soap can really help, especially if you do so in a hot, steamy shower. The aroma of frankincense helps open up your airways. It can also be useful for anyone who has asthma or seasonal allergies. Using it first thing in the morning lets you start the day with clear airways and easy breathing.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a very complex disease, and no practice can prevent it entirely. However, there are small things you can do to decrease your risk a little at a time, and using frankincense soap is one of them. Certain acids in the frankincense are through to have antioxidant effects, meaning that they can prevent the DNA damage that may lead to cancer.

If you come across anti-aging frankincense handmade soap, then you should grab a bar. It's a really nice, helpful soap to add to your routine.