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Hand-Tied Hair Extensions: Common Faqs

Whether you have an upcoming event and want to achieve a special look or you just generally want longer, thicker hair, hair extensions make that possible. Hand-tied hair extensions have grown to be a popular option among salon goers. Here is a look at some of the common questions about hand-tied extensions and the answers you will want to know as a prospective customer. 

What are hand-tied hair extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions are extensions that get attached to existing hair with a small bead that clasps the new strands to an existing bundle of strands. The small beaded extensions are generally placed in a uniform row to deliver an end result that looks impressively like natural hair. 

What are the advantages of hand-tied hair extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions can offer a more realistic end result with certain hair types. Additionally, hand-tied hair extensions are less likely to create issues with causing hair fall than other types of extensions, such as tape-ins or sew-ins. The beaded way the extensions are placed put less stress on the hair and the scalp. It can also be less time-consuming to do the hand-tied extensions than it is to do basic weaves because individual wefts can be slightly thicker with more strands of hair. 

How many hand-tied hair extensions will you need?

Your stylist will work with you to determine how many extensions you need. The general rule with hand-tied extensions is you will need more if you are going for volume and fewer if you are primarily going for a longer length. Of course, your hair texture, personal preferences, and other factors can determine how many extensions you actually need. The finer your hair texture is, the more extension pieces you may need in order to achieve the fullest look. 

Will hand-tied extensions work for all hair types?

In general, hairstylists will recommend hand-tied extensions if you have either straight or wavy hair. Really curly hair textures may not always be as receiving of hand-tying methods, and curlier hair textures can be more prone to tangling, which can make it easier to pull the beads out. Sewn-in hair extension wefts work well for curlier hair because the woven bonding does not come out quite so easily during detangling. Just the same, hand-tied extensions can be a good option for people with curly hair; they just may not get the most long-lasting results and require adjustments more frequently.  

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