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5 Ways To Keep Your Curly Wig Looking Good

Wigs have been a popular way for women to explore new hairstyles for many years. A curly wig can give you the luscious locks you desire, but caring for a curly wig requires a little extra time and attention.

If you want your curly wig, for example a burmese curly human hair full lace wig, to look good for as long as possible, use these five tips to care for the wig properly.

1.  Section the Hair

Before you start working with your curly wig, you need to section the hair out into smaller pieces. A wig with tight curls should be divided into small sections. A wig with larger beach waves or loose curls can be divided into slightly larger sections.

By sectioning the wig before you do any additional maintenance, you can easily manipulate the curls without causing any damage.

2. Use a Hydrating Spray

Wigs don't enjoy access to the natural oils that are produced by the scalp. This means that the hair in a wig is more susceptible to drying out than natural hair. Curly hair that goes dry can become frizzy and lose its integrity.

You should regularly apply a hydrating spray or oil product to restore any moisture that your curly wig needs to retain its natural appeal.

3. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

The only styling tool that should ever be used on a curly wig is a wide-tooth comb.

Smaller combs can ruin the curls of your wig, and brushes can leave the curls looking frazzled. A wide-tooth comb is capable of detangling a curly wig without causing any serious damage to the curls themselves.

4. Reshape Curls Often

Each time you wash your curly wig you will need to restore the shape of the curls in order to keep the wig looking good.

The best way to reshape curls is with your fingers. Natural hair has a memory of its preferred pattern. This means that the hair wants to curl naturally, you just need to help the curls form correctly.

Twist each curl gently until it falls back into its original curl pattern and allow the wig to air dry.

5. Store the Wig Carefully

If you want your curly wig to look great each time you wear it, you must store the wig properly. After washing, hydrating, and detangling the wig, place a hairnet over the top of the curls. This will keep the curl pattern in place.

Lay the wig gently inside a plastic storage container with a lid so that you can protect the hair from dust. Storing your wig correctly will prevent a lot of problems from plaguing the beauty of the hair over time.