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Sleek Hair, Soft Skin: A Blog What are some positive adjectives one might use to describe skin? The words "soft" and "youthful" come to mind. Now, how would you describe nice hair? You might describe it as sleek, shiny, and vibrant. Here's the thing: you can have the soft, youthful skin and sleek hair you've always dreamed of. It all comes down to how you care for your hair. That means letting salon professionals do more complex treatments like coloring, and it also means using good-quality products on your hair and skin. Learn more about the secrets to healthy skin and hair as you dive into our articles on the topic.



Beautiful Curls That Can Be Shown Off During Your Next Tropical Vacation

A tropical setting that is filled with busy days onboard a boat or soaking up the rays and an alluring nightlife that includes meeting locals and other travelers may be inspiring you to try out a new look. If your hair is currently on the short side and lacks any waves, an island curly human hair wig will aid in adding length and fullness that frames your face and accentuates your best features. 

Choose Multi-Toned Or Perform Highlights Yourself

The hair grade that you select will have a bearing on how natural a new wig looks and whether or not strands of hair can safely be highlighted. Thicker tresses that are either all-natural or synthetic may hold a curl better than thinner, weaker strands, and coloring the locks will not result in damaging your new wig. There are wigs that contain multi-toned hair, which may interest you if you want to show off natural-looking highlights without needing to permanently alter your wig.

If you do choose to complete a dye job on your own, seek guidance through the manufacturer of the island curly wig product. Straight bleach or dyes that contain harsh chemicals should not be used to upgrade the hair shaft that is secured to a wig. Instead, purchase products that are designed to be gentle and choose a dye color that is a dark shade of blonde or slightly lighter than the color of the hair that your wig contains. 

Show Off Your Curls

A wig that contains a lace cap will keep your head cool and dry while you are wearing your wig. Before heading outdoors to soak up the sun or to visit a public venue, place your wig on top of a styrofoam head or a similar wig form that you purchased to preserve the shape of your wig. As the wig is anchored, comb the strands of hand and add a curling agent to the tresses to amplify the waviness of each strand.

Use a light coating of any product that you choose to use, since adding a generous amount of a cream, a gel, or a spray could add excess weight to the strands and make some of the curls appear to be less prominent than others. Use your bare hands to scrunch bunches of hair and to fluff up sections that seem flatter than the ones surrounding them. Once you have styled your wig, remove it from the faux head or wig form and secure it to your head.

Look for island curly human hair wigs online or in a store near you.