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4 Mistakes DIYers Make When Doing At-Home Hair Coloring

A large percentage of people use dye to color their hair. While the majority of people trust a hair coloring service for help, some people will try to do this on their own. Take a look at some of the common mistakes DIYers make when trying to color their own hair. 

Not enlisting someone to help you color your hair. 

Coloring your hair should never be a solo venture. it is far too hard to see the back of your head to get good coverage all over every strand. Plus, it is all too easy to make a mistake and not get the product precisely where it needs to be, especially if you are going for a two-toned look. 

Relying only on "boxed" hair coloring products. 

Boxed hair coloring products can be okay, but they are not the best and most are not the highest quality product. using a developer with a precise mix of color additive based on your base color and desired results is for the best, which is hard to do without professional guidance. 

Not doing a strand test before the actual coloring process. 

The strand test serves a few different purposes. Primarily, you get to see how your hair specifically is going to react to the hair coloring product. Secondly, you can gauge how long the dye needs to be left on your hair for satisfactory results. Otherwise, you are left guessing when it is time to rinse. Even though professional hair colorists do not necessarily do a strand test, they are familiar enough with hair to assess the texture, color, and type to know how long products should be left on your hair. 

Not leaving the product on the hair long enough. 

One of the biggest mistakes DIYers make when coloring their hair at home is they do not leave the product on their hair for long enough. It is easy to get a little afraid when you see your hair changing colors and worry that it is going to be too light or too dark. Not to mention, a lot of boxed products have ingredients in them that can cause damage to your hair or scalp with prolonged exposure, so it is easy to get antsy and rinse before you really should. When you work with a hair coloring service, you can rest assured that the professional knows precisely how long a dye needs to be on your hair. 

Coloring your hair is a difficult process. To guarantee results, look into salon services like Allie Scott Hair Studio that can make sure you get what you want.