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Styles To Add Character To Long, Straight Hair

Long, straight hair is often envied, but when you are someone with this type of hair, it can often feel flat and lifeless. You don't have to get it all cut off in order to add beauty to your style. Here are some ways your hairstylist can add character to long, straight hair during your next appointment. 

1. Long Layers

You might think of layers as being short and voluminous, but your stylist can cut layers into long hair, too. What cutting layers really means is cutting the ends of your hair to varied lengths, rather than cutting your hair straight across. The hair closest to your neck will be the longest, and the outermost hair will be the shortest. Layers will encourage all of your hair strands to sit a little further apart from one another so your look remains more voluminous. 

2. Undercut

Do you feel like you have too much hair and can never quite get it to lie flat in the back? Do you like an edgier look? An undercut might be for you. This is where your stylist shaves the back of your head from ear to ear, leaving only the top layer of your hair. When your hair is down, it just looks normal, straight, and smooth. When you wear it up, however, you can see that shaved back of the head, which is a much edgier look. Wear one look to the office and the other out with friends!

3. A Gentle Perm

Perms are often thought of as a hairstyle for grandmothers, but your stylist does not have to do the tight, ringlet perm you are thinking of. They can instead do a really loose perm that results more in waves than outright curls. This will add body and volume to your hair so it does not look so straight and flat. You will still be able to style it minimally; just add some mouse or a little spray as it dries.

4. An Inverted Cut

An inverted cut is one where the hair in the front of your head, nearest your eyes, is cut longer than the hair at the back of your head. Most inverted cuts are shorter, but this can also add unique character to longer hair. It's a more subtle look than the others above, but it will definitely result in a more interesting look than a plain, straight cut.

With the ideas above, you can transform your simple, straight locks into something more glamorous. Talk to a professional who provides long hair stylist services for advice.