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4 Tips For Visiting A New Barber

Visiting a new barber can be a little nerve-wracking. Yes, it is just a haircut — but you have to trust this person you have never met before to cut your hair in a way you'll find stylish and attractive. That's a lot of trust. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow during your first appointment with a new barber in order to get a great men's haircut, this time and next time.

1. Arrive early

Make sure you plan on arriving about 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment is scheduled. Not only does this give you a moment to breathe before you sit down to get your haircut, but it also ensures the barber won't feel rushed and can take more time to chat with you. Schedule one of the first appointments of the day, if possible, as this way the barber won't be backed up from other clients who were late.

2. Bring photos

It can be hard to describe the kind of haircut you are looking for in words, particularly if you're not overly familiar with haircut terminology. Your idea of a light fade might be a lot lighter than the barber's idea of a light fade. A better way to convey what you're looking for is to bring photos. Tell the barber exactly what you like about each photo you bring. You can print these, but it's probably easier to use a smartphone app like Pinterest to organize your ideas.

3. Give feedback throughout

When the barber starts cutting your hair, pay attention! Don't get lost in the television or your phone. If they are leaving a certain area too long, say something. If you're concerned about how they are doing something, speak up. Barbers often appreciate feedback as it ensures they give customers what they want, so you should not feel shy about speaking your mind.

4. Leave a tip

Leaving a tip won't change the haircut you just got, but it might affect the next haircut you get. So long as you were happy with the service, it is normal to tip about 15% of the price of the haircut. You can leave more, of course, but don't leave less than this unless you were truly dissatisfied. Tipping shows the barber that you are appreciative of their services, which will make them happy to work with you and achieve a great haircut again next time.

With the tips above, you can have a great first appointment with a men's haircut service and walk out looking your best.