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Sleek Hair, Soft Skin: A Blog What are some positive adjectives one might use to describe skin? The words "soft" and "youthful" come to mind. Now, how would you describe nice hair? You might describe it as sleek, shiny, and vibrant. Here's the thing: you can have the soft, youthful skin and sleek hair you've always dreamed of. It all comes down to how you care for your hair. That means letting salon professionals do more complex treatments like coloring, and it also means using good-quality products on your hair and skin. Learn more about the secrets to healthy skin and hair as you dive into our articles on the topic.



Barbershop Services

The majority of men in the United States are surprisingly low maintenance. While this may normally sound like a good thing, some men take it to the extreme falling into disarray. If you feel that you are in need of some spiffing-up, you should contact your local barbershop for an appointment. There are many services offered by barbershops, all of which could help you to feel better about yourself and your body. These services depend on your barbershop, though they could include the following.

Straight Razor Shave

If you have never experienced a straight razor shave before, you are in for a treat. Not all barbershops offer this service, though if you find one who does it well you will never go anywhere else. The process is incredibly relaxing. Most barbershops offer warm towels in order to soften face hairs, and then begin the shave with a creamy lather. Once the face is lathered, barbers follow the grain of the beard to provide an incredibly smooth and soft shave. Once this initial shave is complete, some barbers lather the face again to shave perpendicular to the grain, which makes the shave even more smooth, and may last a little longer. 


A good haircut can really improve your overall look. Some men choose to buzz their hair at home, though a professional barber will likely do a much better job. The average haircut can range from $20 to $50, though it depends on the barber. Barbers are skilled at recommending haircuts as well, since they see a lot of people and will likely know what will look good with your personal style. 

Beard Sculpting

If you do not want to shave all of your beard off, most barbers can offer incredible beard sculpting options. Whether your style includes a handlebar mustache, goatee, chinstrap, distinguished stubble, or even muttonchops, your barber should be able to help you get there. Beard sculpting is one of the primary jobs of a barber. 

Grey Blending

For men who have a bit of grey but do not want it, barbers also offer grey blending, which can dial it back a bit. 

In conclusion, a quick trip to a barbershop could help any man to feel like a new, better version of himself. Contact a barbershop near you to set up your appointment. Some barbershops offer walk-in appointments, though you might as well call in order to be safe rather than sorry.