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What Is An Acne Facial?

Millions of people struggle with acne and those that do tend to try several things to try to clear up the problem. From deep-pore cleansers to face masks with odd ingredients, there are many different things to try, but many of these remedies offer only limited results. One of the more modern forms of treating acne is an acne facial. Acne facials are usually done at a spa or salon by a trained esthetician, and these unique facials can do you a lot of good whether you have occasional bouts of acne or a recurrent problem. Here are a few things you should know about these facials that are meant to target acne. 

So, what exactly is an acne facial?

The acne facial is a deep-cleansing facial that targets the underlying dirt and oil that is beneath the skin or trapped in pores. The initial step in the facial process involves a deep exfoliation with special agents that are meant to help eradicate the impurities that are causing acne flare-ups. The professional will also use gentle pressure using cotton swabs and perhaps special tools to help pull out any infection or pus that is in the acne on your face. Once this process is done, a calming mask will be used to help soothe your skin and encourage it to heal. 

What exactly does an acne facial do for your skin?

The most obvious thing that you can expect to see after an acne facial is a reduction in the number of bumps on your face. Most people will also notice an immediate change in how much redness or inflammation they see on their face because the facial is specifically designed to soothe these issues. You may also notice that you have fewer breakouts after getting a facial, which is a benefit you can maintain by getting these facials periodically. 

How often should you get one of these facials?

These facials are usually safe to get about once every month. If your skin is sensitive, you will have to closely monitor the outcomes after the facial to determine if the products used are safe for use going forward. Keep in mind that not all facials for acne are the same; some will involve unique product formulations and these formulations can be adjusted according to your skin and problems. If something is not working for you, talk to the professional about doing something different the next time.

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