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Tips For Using Brush-On Beard Dye At Home During The COVID-19 Outbreak

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, most salons and barber shops are closed. So if you normally have your beard dyed professionally and you want to preserve that solid-colored look, you will need to dye your own beard for the time being. The best way to achieve that is with brush-on beard dye. Here are some tips for using such a product effectively.

1. Wash your beard, first.

Even if you do not use beard oils or conditioners, the dye may not stick well to a beard that has not been washed recently. Your natural oils can be enough of a barrier to keep the dye from penetrating fully. Use shampoo or a face wash to give your beard a good scrub, and then let it dry completely before proceeding.

2. Wear gloves.

Gloves are in short supply during the pandemic, but if you have a pair, definitely put them on to keep your hands from becoming stained. If you do not have gloves, then just moisturize your hands really well with lotion before proceeding. This will not prevent stains 100%, but it will greatly reduce them.

3. Mix the solution just before applying it.

Do not mix the solution, do five other things, and then come back to dying your beard. Mix the solution only once you're ready to go; it loses effectiveness as it sits. Most brush-in dye kits come with two components you need to mix together in a bowl, which is often provided.

4. Apply petroleum jelly around your beard.

Apply a good amount of petroleum jelly around the outline of your beard. Be generous; you really can't use too much. It keeps the dye in place and prevents you from dying your skin. 

5. Brush in both directions.

Your instinct may be to brush the dye in the direction of your beard, but actually, you should brush against the direction of hair growth first. This ensures the backs of the hairs are coated in dye. Then, go over the beard a second time, this time brushing in the direction it naturally lies. Use plenty of dye to ensure the hairs are evenly coated.

7. Massage as you rinse.

The easiest way to rinse off the dye is usually in the shower. To ensure you wash it fully, massage your beard in circles as you rinse it.

With the tips above, you should get excellent results using brush-in beard dye at home. Who knows — you might decide to keep dying your own beard after the pandemic is over!